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JBjunior 03-30-2016 07:45 PM

Coperthwaite's Concentric Yurt
I am trying to find pictures or videos of one built that shows exactly what is done for this design. It is the right size that I am looking for, just not sure how the inner/outer work together or even look actually built.

Jafo 03-31-2016 07:06 AM

Re: Coperthwaite's Concentric Yurt
You can contact the Dickinsons Reach community and ask them, or even order the plans. :)

Dickinsons Reach Community | Yurts

Delores 04-06-2016 12:02 PM

Re: Coperthwaite's Concentric Yurt
Yes. Contact Dickenson's Reach.

I want to say that I have lived in two of Coperthwaite's yurts and helped build another. I love this design. The angle of the walls is perfect and while there is a bit of math involved, the basic building is pretty simple.

The concentric affords privacy in the outer ring that we never dreamed possible in that small a space. If you want to build this keep reaching out as you have questions. It is worth it!

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