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C&c 01-23-2016 08:30 AM

Ice caked window buckles
Our yurt is in the wester Maine mountains where the temps plummet in the winter. My challenge is that once the yurt warms up water flows down the outside walls and our window buckles upper and lower straps get encased in ice. When it's time to leave we often cannot close the outer flaps completely. It's not ideal to leave them flapping in the wind. I've been thinking of making a plastic sleeve to fit over the buckles. Anyone solved this problem already? Thanks!

HawaiiYurts 01-27-2016 07:25 PM

Re: Ice caked window buckles
You need gutters. It always amazes me how many people don't get gutters. They're crucial for many reasons - The most immediate is keeping the water off the walls/windows/deck. But also, consider the foundation after years of water runoff.

Consider gutters to be taking the place of the eaves of a house. You wouldn't end the roof just over a wall, right? :) I'd like to see more yurt manufacturers focus on that challenge and really encourage buyers to get them. Otherwise, many clients don't know to ask and they're a often best to be installed from the start, as a part of the roofing system. I haven't been thrilled with any of the hard gutters I've seen for the circle. But I keep hoping and they're certainly better than nothing.

Jafo 01-28-2016 10:25 AM

Re: Ice caked window buckles
Gutters seem to be a challenge in the snow.

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