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newt 01-14-2016 07:54 PM

PA yurt living code and permitting
We are a family of four looking to move from an rv to a 30' ft yurt. Anyone have experience with PA code and permitting?

Any tips are appreciated.

jeritchie 01-19-2016 03:25 PM

Re: PA yurt living code and permitting
I can confirm that there are areas within PA that do allow Yurts for primary residence. That being said you still have to do all of the things that any new residential construction would require to get a building permit. Typically these would include site plans showing the structure with construction detail, driveway, utilities hookups, utilities runs, etc. You will probably need a separate septic permit and possible a perk test.

It can seem daunting, especially with lots of industry lingo, but people do it all the time. The first step is to find the county permit / inspection office wherever you own or are thinking of buying property. Walk in and say 'I am thinking of building a house on this piece of property or in the county. What do I need to do?' They should be able to help get you pointed in the right direction.

Most of the major Yurt companies (us included) can provide engineer certified site plans to help with the process.

Good Luck!

newt 01-20-2016 09:34 AM

Re: PA yurt living code and permitting
Thanks. We have site plan done and perk test have been in touch with code office but they seem to not know much about yurts which worries me a bit. We do have deck plans and will talk with the yurt company about engineered plans for the yurt itself.

Thanks again and if there is anyone living in yurt pa I would be curious as to their process and experience.

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