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Tree Bones 08-23-2012 10:32 AM

Light Feet Yurts 16' complete with wood stove, floor, delivery and set up $4,993.
A complete yurt package including:

one 16' Nomad Deluxe
site built floor *
two fixed windows
Cast Iron 96,000 BTU Boxwood Stove w/pipe and cap
two 3' X 5' X 1/2" concrete tile backer for hearth
oval stove jack for roof vent
Free delivery and set up **

You get a complete yurt ready to move in. To reserve a yurt and delivery date in your name order now.

* Site built floor on level ground subject to confirmation. A slope of more than seven inches in 16' will have an additional charge.
** Free delivery and set up to the Tuolumne and Calaveras area in California, or during one of our pre scheduled road trips to your area. All other locations may have an additional delivery fee.


Complete 16' yurt package with floor and wood burning stove. [16' complete package] - $4,993.00 : Light Feet Yurts, Leaving a Lighter Footprint

Tree Bones 09-13-2012 04:23 PM

Unfortunately I will be needing to raise my prices in the near future. Over the years the cost for materials has gone up and I have not raised what I charge. I mill my own lumber from salvage trees but even this now costs more. Every where the expense has gone up for raw materials, fuel, tools, maintenance and transportation. This has impacted every thing I make.

One of my main goals has always been to provide the most cost effective alternative to traditional housing using Eco friendly materials to build portable yurts. It is getting harder and harder to keep pricing affordable for the average person who is struggling.

The link in the post above is no longer valid. However I will always consider each sale on an individual basis. Just ask.

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