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tundra87 08-10-2015 01:06 PM

Install Fire Sprinklers
Hi, everyone,

New to this forum. I plan to build a yurt on my land in Joshua Tree, CA. It will be a permanent residence per County's regulations, and in high fire hazard zone. It is required to install sprinklers in yurt according to the Fire Protection department. Does anyone install fire sprinklers in yurts? where to attached water pipes to the structure? Any advice? Thank you.

Jafo 08-10-2015 02:32 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
My guess would be you would attach them to the rafters. What kind of yurt are you building? Custom?

tundra87 08-10-2015 07:47 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
I am thinking about ordering a 27' or 30' from Colorado Yurt or Pacific Yurt. Like to buy a used one, but it required two means of egress in this zone.

tundra87 08-10-2015 07:53 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
Do you think the framing is strong enough for handing the fire sprinklers system?

Jafo 08-10-2015 08:59 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
It depends whether you are getting one with 2x6 rafters or 2X4 rafters. I would think the 2X6 would be more than enough.

tundra87 08-10-2015 11:42 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
Thank you. I will update after talking with fire sprinklers company.

Bob Rowlands 08-13-2015 09:34 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
I'm working on a luxury lodge right now that has fire sprinkling system. The weight of a supply line to a few supply heads would easily be supported by a typical large yurt roof. The weight is minor. The fact you have to do so on a yurt absolutely cracks me up though.

Pacific Yurts 08-14-2015 02:59 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
Take a look at the interior photos of the yurts at Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California Yurts - Treebones Resort. You will see the fire suppression sprinklers mounted from the rafters.

Bob Rowlands 08-14-2015 05:50 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
Any newer unit built for public occupancy has fire sprinklers nowdays by stringent code. The powers that be don't even BEGIN to mess around. You comply and that is that. I'll agree in a yurt they could potentially save the occupants but that won't stop me from considering it goofy considering it is a yurt and not a typical building. Gimme a break.

With the ~1000 houses lost here in Colorado Springs in the '12 and '13 wildfires the fire codes have been upped in a big way. Of course the buyer foots the bill for all these 'upgrades'.

tundra87 08-29-2015 01:08 PM

Re: Install Fire Sprinklers
Thank you for all the tips and replies! The photo of sprinklers hanging on the yurt ceiling of the Tree Bones Resort really helped me, as I showed it to the Fire Protection Department. They do not question about if the structure can handle it or not. I am finding a fire sprinkler company to design and install. The County adopted residential fire sprinkler installation in 2013. All new residents required to install regardless size. Because I would like to permit as a permanent residence, so follow all regulations like regular houses. It is a tent! I like to argue, but it is about permitting. At least, the Country allows it. There is no problem to apply for temp structure permit if I do not mind to set yurt up for 6 months, tear down another 6 months. Will update again soon. Cheers.

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