Slightly used Traditional Mongolian yurt 12’ diameter

“3-Wall High Walls” – 12’ Diameter Yurt from Bought it 6 months ago and we used it through the winter. It has some spots that need to be cleane...

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New 5 Wall Suntime Mongolian Yurt

I have a 5 wall Mongolian Yurt that I bought from Suntime Yurts that is in new condition. Was set up once by Suntime Yurts for demonstration purposes at a show....

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30″ used Pacific Yurt (needs repair)

Yurt has been sold, Thanks Used 30" Yurt, I purchased used and never setup, needs TLC, repair and roof top center is broken. Cover shows some ...

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Tiny Wood Stove for yurts

I purchased a wood burning stove for a yurt that I no longer have (divorce) and was going to use it for something else, but am thinking it would be better suite...

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Want to buy 24′ to 30′ yurt

Looking for a 24' to 30' used yurt. Needs to be a reputable brand like Pacific, Rainier, Colorado. Insulation, vinyl/glass windows, clear dome top preferred....

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Seeking Yurt & Land for Affordable Lease-to-Own

I'm a single mother looking for a lease-to-own situation for a yurt or tiny home on a bit of land. I have a steady monthly income and am a non-smoker and don't ...

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24′ or 30′ Yurt Wanted

Looking for a yurt suitable to live in for Southern California (very mild winters, some weeks of heat in the summer). We're a family of 4 and we've landed on a ...

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Brand new Four Dog DX Camp Stove Steel

Brand new steel Four Dog DX Camp Stove with telescoping pipes long enough for small yurt and spark arrestor included. It has a 5” flue size. More info at fourdo...

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Looking for a 14 to 21 foot yurt!

Hey, everyone! I am 20 years old and have lived most of my life in yurts from Alaska to Washington state. Now it’s time to find one for myself. I am currently w...

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Seeking yurt

I’m looking for a yurt and would consider any size 16” to 20”.

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