A yurt camp that didn’t happen…

This was a yurt camp plan that didn't happen. These yurts were headed for Ecuador, to be a camp on the side of a volcano, but customs decided that wasn't going...

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Yurt wanted

Looking for a used yurt in good condition.

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30′ frame panel yurt fully loaded


30′ frame panel yurt fully loaded

30' diameter yurt with solid wood frame walls. Housed a family of 3 comfortably. Double pane glass windows 2 doors 200sq.ft. loft kitchen fully functional ...

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Yurt wanted

I am looking for a 16-20' yurt in good condition. I am in Ontario Canada. Thanks!

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Yurt needed for non-profit work

I recently started a new non-profit focusing on green building education, and we could really use a yurt as part of our work (specifically for volunteers to liv...

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16′ Mongolian yurt for sale

Mongolian yurt for sale, originally purchased from groovyyurts in Canada. 16' diameter, wool insulation, Tyvek liner for weather protection, plexiglass removab...

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Ozark Retreat, 4 Solid Wooden Yurts on 4 Acres

Tucked away among the oak, hickory and cedars sit four yurts designed by Bill Coperthwaite. The 1800 sq.ft. tri-centric yurt currently serves as a craft worksh...

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Is There A Yurt In Your Future?

I make , sell and rent Yurts. I'm located in Vallejo , CA. These Yurts packages includes wall sections, door frame & wooden door, rafters, roof ring and...

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All Inclusive Yurt on Acreage in the Beautiful Apishapa Valley

This all inclusive property is Amazing, take a look. The Yurt is 24' in Diameter, 12'5" to dome ring. It has the taller wall kit, newer wall fabric, Durolast ...

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NEW unused 12ft diameter “sparrow” yurt from Rainier Industries...

NEW unused 12ft diameter "sparrow" yurt from Rainier Industries for purchase/ownership http://www.rainier.com/yurts/products/the-sparrow-yurt/ • All pieces ...

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